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Mustang Exhausts

Mustang Exhausts
Reproduction exhaust systems for vintage cars have always been a problem area. They often don’t fit due to poor design and quality control, and they can vary from batch to batch. Additionally, the systems are often made by pipe benders or welders and NOT restoration experts. If the system is custom made at an exhaust shop it often lacks the Ford OE details such as flat spots, correct flanges, mufflers, etc. and are just not like the original. Plus, a custom exhaust can also be very costly.

Mustang America is pleased to offer exhaust systems manufactured by the industry leader in Mustang exhaust, Precision Exhaust. At Precision Exhaust, they have been working on and restoring vintage Mustangs and Shelby Mustangs for over 30 years. Extensive product research has been performed under the car, on a lift, for all their components. By carefully test fitting each and every exhaust to the correct car you get a problem free product and installation. No one else in the industry has the vintage Mustang exhaust inventory or knowledge of original Mustang exhausts as Precision Exhaust. Each system is manufactured using only original OEM style materials and is precision hand bent just like the originals. Simply put, at Precision Exhaust “They make them by hand and they FIT!”